Dry Ice CleaningWheel Well

Wheel wells are generally untouched in the detailing world. When you have your car here at Precise Dry Ice the wheel wells become the finishing touch to the underbody cleaning.

When having an underbody dry ice cleaned, the next step is to finish it off by removing the wheels and dry ice cleaning the wheel well openings, brake calipers and suspension components.  In an underbody cleaning your suspension components can be cleaned, but only to the extent of how much they are exposed.  When removing the wheels we are able to expose the wheel wells, brake calipers and suspension components giving full access to the cleaning capabilities of dry ice!   Exposing the wheel wells is done with the utmost care with the use of an electric wheel lift which allows us to remove your wheels carefully and without the chance of causing them harm.

Once the wheels are removed safely, we can now remove all debris from your wheel wells.  In some cases, the wheel wells may have been coated with cosmoline or undercoating.  These coatings can be removed to expose the original  appearance that the car was meant to have.  If these coatings do not exist, the same cleaning can be completed to restore the surfaces to their original luster.  With the wheel wells open, we have complete access to the suspension components.  This access allows us to dry ice clean all the shocks and springs, brake calipers, lines and control arms, improving the appearance of your car and bringing back to life the intricate components that make your car stand out.

With the wheels off, you also have the option of dry ice cleaning the inner barrels and the exterior of the wheel.  This removes years of brake dust, and grime including weight goo, without any abrasion that would be caused from a brush or mitt. The potential goes on and on as far as what our dry ice cleaning process can do for your car to bring it to the top level of clean!

Wheels and Tires

Precise Dry Ice carefully removes your wheels with our automated wheel lift. This allows us to safely
and effectively remove your wheel and at the same time dry ice clean the inside and outside barrels. If
you are looking for a full clean we can dry ice blast the sidewalls of the tires to give them a fresh original

Wheel Well Openings

Dry ice cleaning the wheel well openings can sometimes be a light cleaning to remove road grime and
brake dust to restore plastics and other components back to their original appearance. Other situations
can be as extensive as removing cosmoline or undercoating to show the original color that the car left
the factory with. Precise Dry Ice can remove splash guards and other components to allow full access
cleaning if desired.

Brake Rotors and Calipers

Dry ice blasting can remove stubborn brake dust and even surface rust to leave a clean like new finish.
Our process is delicate enough to clean powder coated, painted or plated calipers and rotors. Once the
cleaning is completed you might think that a brand-new brake package was put on.

Suspension Components

This is the opportunity to reach all the areas that can’t be reached with a dry ice underbody cleaning.
Shocks, springs and control arms can all be dry ice detailed. Dry ice blasting is safe for your painted,
anodized or bare aluminum suspension components.
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Dry Ice Blasting Done Well

The engine in my Cobra has never looked better. A true solution to removing dirt and grim from a car. I highly recommend the folks at Precise Dry Ice for Automotive Cleaning using Dry Ice.

Jean Cole

Fantastic Group

The car looks great!
Glen did an outstanding job on my wheel wells.
My car is ready for show time!!

Mark Peterson

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