Dry Ice CleaningEngine Bay

Dry ice detailing can give your engine bay the ultimate in clean by getting into all the nooks and crannies that other cleaning methods just can’t reach.


Dry ice cleaning an engine bay may be the most productive and noticeable change you can make. While this area does get cleaned more frequently because it is more accessible than the underbody, it is likely not done with the efficiency of dry ice cleaning. In an engine compartment, there are many different areas that aren’t easy to access. Dry ice can get into those tight areas, underneath wiring or hoses, around corners, bolt heads, electrical components, fuel injector wiring. The most finite and detailed cleaning that can’t be done other than with dry ice cleaning.

Dry ice cleaning an engine bay uses no water, soap, brushes or mitts; Just dry ice carried by compressed air. The process can restore faded and worn plastics back to their original luster, clean corrosion from aluminum and steel and can remove stickers and labels without causing harm.

A car that is brought to us for an underbody cleaning may be completed sooner than expected, and we can spend some of that extra time detailing the engine. In other situations, having your engine bay dry ice cleaned may be an add on to the underbody cleaning. Depending on dry ice availability, we can perform engine bay detail jobs independent of the underbody cleaning.

Our process of dry ice detailing your engine bay, like with all of our other processes, starts with assessing what your goals are and how much time you would like us to spend on this part of your car. We will also identify any potential barriers to safe and effective cleaning, such as loose items or areas that may be too weak due to age or corrosion to withstand the dry ice process. In these situations, we
will protect areas that may not be suitable for dry ice cleaning before beginning the rest of the project. At Precise Dry Ice, we pay attention to detail, specifically when that means not detailing an area in order to maintain its originality.

Safe On Plastics

Dry ice cleaning is gentle enough to clean and restore coated or faded plastics back to their original
luster without adding any dressings or coatings.

Safe On Electrical

The dry ice detailing process is a dry-cleaning process which uses compressed air and dry ice to allow
precise cleaning of electrical components without concern of causing damage.

Safe On Delicate Markings

Dry ice cleaning can be dialed in to be gentle enough to not cause harm to stickers, labels and or markings.

Restores Aluminum

Dry ice blasting can get to and clean aluminum parts in a way that no other method can achieve. We
have the ability to remove corrosion and dirt to restore aluminum to its original shine.

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Dry Ice Cleaning is an alternative way of cleaning that doesn’t involve soap or water this process restores and keeps your car valuable.