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Precise Dry Ice specializes in automotive detailing of vehicles. Our equipment and capabilities allow us to offer the most detailed and thorough cleaning of underbodies, wheel wells, engine compartments and more.
Dry Ice Blasting

Precise Dry Ice also offers commercial dry ice cleaning to industries outside of car detailing. Our facility is equipped with forklifts and hoists to unload or maneuver your project around. Our blast booths measure 60’ long x 16’ wide and 12’ tall allowing us to accommodate almost any project that can be transported over the road.

If your commercial dry ice cleaning project is too large to be transported or is unable to be taken out of service, we can utilize our mobile blast truck to bring our dry ice cleaning capabilities to your project. Whether it be in the food manufacturing world, chemical production plant or cleaning of electrical boxes and generators, Precise Dry Ice can meet your needs.

If you have a project in need of dry ice cleaning, please reach out. Give us a call, email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to describe what you are looking to accomplish. Sending pictures and dimensions are always a great start. Once we have had a conversation to better understand your needs we can come meet you on the location of your project to go over precisely what you are looking for.

Every vehicle is different

Two cars of the same year make and model may require or desire different levels of cleaning, which in turn leads to a different amount of time spent. Some vehicles may have been lightly used and only have a light road debris needing to be removed. Other vehicles may need more extensive work, such as those with a past oil leak, or those with prior Cosmoline applications, resulting in increased time spent and an increased cost.

Initial Inspection

Our process begins with the safe setup of your vehicle on our lift. Once safely positioned, we complete an initial inspection of the underside to evaluate the extent of cleaning needed as well as the extent of cleaning you are desiring. At this time, before pictures are taken.


While we have dust collection in our Dry Ice auto detailing bay, contaminants and debris removed from your car are still airborne. To ensure this does not impact the integrity of the body of the car, we cover the topside of the vehicle with a light plastic secured by non- damaging tape.

Dry Ice Cleaning Process

From this point forward, the work begins with techniques, pressures and dry ice sizes that are dialed in to intricately clean your vehicle. Prior to pulling the trigger, we have discussed your desires, whether it be time spent or specific areas to be focused on. We ensure the work is done properly and efficiently to best match your goals for the vehicle as well as your budget.
Dry Ice cleaning

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What you get is a car that comes back looking better than factory new, greater protection than factory new, and an experience that makes you want to send everyone of your friends over to Precise Dry Ice

Pat Gronski

A company you can count on.

Beyond satisfied with the the dry ice treatment on my 65 year old Mustang. The work Glen did on my under carriage, engine and paint correction are second to none.

Ted Richardson

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