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The underbody is an area that is often neglected for much of a car’s life. Unlike the paint on the car, the engine or the suspension, the underbody is often not cleaned and cared for with precise detail. Why shouldn’t the underbody be cared for the same as the rest of the car?

Some underbodies are coated from new with cosmoline or other similar protective coatings. Whether coated or not, the underbody gets debris, dust, oil leaks and road grime trapped on all of the many different surfaces and components. The options for cleaning the underbody of a car are limited, time consuming, and often ineffective. Water from a car wash is intended to remove light debris, and while getting the car onto a lift to scrub may be an alternative, it cannot reach tight spots while effectively removing all of the built up grime. Neither of these options are sufficient for the removal of cosmoline or under coatings.

That brings us to the only process that can deep clean, restore and not damage your underbody to the forefront. Dry ice automotive detailing takes a high-tech cleaning process that, with the right equipment, nozzles, air pressures and operator can allow us to clean areas and components of your underbody in ways that were not feasible before. All of this is done without soap, water or in most cases even touching the car with any tool or cleaning device.

What makes your car qualify for this process? That decision is up to you. If you are an enthusiast and take care of every other part of your car to the best possible level you can, why not take your underbody to the next level of clean with a Precise Dry Ice Detail!

Every Vehicle is Different

Two cars of the same year make and model may require or desire different levels of cleaning, which in turn leads to a different amount of time spent. Some vehicles may have been lightly used and only have a light road debris needing to be removed. Other vehicles may need more extensive work, such as those with a past oil leak, or those with prior Cosmoline applications, resulting in increased time spent and an increased cost.

Initial Inspection:

Our process begins with the safe setup of your vehicle on our lift. Once safely positioned, we complete an initial inspection of the underside to evaluate the extent of cleaning needed as well as the extent of cleaning you are desiring. At this time, before pictures are taken.

Wheel Removal

If you have asked for the wheels to be removed to allow a more extensive cleaning of your vehicle, we will remove them after the initial inspection. We take the utmost care by carefully and safely completing this task using an electric wheel lift, which ensures secure removal and minimizes any potential for damage. At this time, before pictures are taken for these areas.


While we have dust collection in our Dry Ice auto detailing bay, contaminants and debris removed from your car are still airborne. To ensure this does not impact the integrity of the body of the car, we cover the topside of the vehicle with a light plastic secured by non- damaging tape.

Dry Ice Cleaning Process

From this point forward, the work begins with techniques, pressures and dry ice sizes that are dialed in to intricately clean your vehicle. Prior to pulling the trigger, we have discussed your desires, whether it be time spent or specific areas to be focused on. We ensure the work is done properly and efficiently to best match your goals for the vehicle as well as your budget.

Please keep in mind that dry ice automotive cleaning is dictated by time spent. Conditions and desires differ with every car and owner. The time spent and amount cleaned will vary with every project. The results speak for themselves, and the potential is endless.

To aid in initial pricing prior to bringing your car to us, pictures of the undercarriage, engine compartment, and other areas that you are requesting to be cleaned help us to determine your vehicles current condition, which allow us to better estimate the time needed to attain the level of clean that you desire. Specifying the areas that you would like cleaned is very important to ensure those areas meet your goals. An in-person assessment is also important once we have agreed on a budget to go over your desires and how our time will best be spent.

If you would like to find out more information or schedule a time to bring your car in, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, send us an email or give us a call. Thank you for your time, and we hope that we can help you take your car to another level of clean.

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Precise Dry Ice provides its customers with quality service, and I feel they go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the end results. It is hard to find a company that truly puts its customers’ interests first, and that is exactly what Precise Dry Ice does. I am highly pleased with their level of professionalism and friendliness and highly recommend their services.

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Precise Dry Ice is a very customer oriented company. They strive for customer satisfaction. As a supplier of this service they are top notch! They can plan on a lot of business from me.

These professionals not only get the job done but their professionalism, dedication and commitment to quality make them tops in their field.

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